Domiciliée à Avignon (84000, France)
Née à akita (098-5103, Japon) le vendredi 20 avril 1962
Décédée à Avignon (84000, France) le mardi 20 septembre 2011 à l'âge de 49 ans
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Christophe and Leo,
Satoko, Kai and I only learned of Eri's death this morning (4th October) via friends in Japan. It has come as a deep and very upsetting shock. Satoko was in Paris over the weekend, and when she returned yesterday she told me how she had been walking round thinking of Eri, enjoying memories of when we saw you all there, and wondering how she was. Now we know. This is such an awful thing. Everyone is equally saddened by this. Tadd put a lovely video up on Facebook. There is little that one can say that is comforting other than Eri had many friends who loved here dearly and she will always be in their hearts.

Graham Thomas- 04-10-11


Eri, you are a beautiful soul who brought so many people together to share so much happiness. Thank you. Again, you have brought us all together to celebrate your life.

Anne&Shin ISHIKAWA- 05-10-11


Rest in peace. Amen

Lorena Brito- 04-10-11